Website Development

Website Development

Website Design made Easy: We are passionate about what we do and have the skills to deliver on time, every time, giving you peace of mind and a great looking website that works the way you want.

At Cloudlogiq, we have leading industry experience in educational and recruitment website designing. We provide best website designs nationwide. We develop custom, creative websites for our clients. Our excellent understanding of the specific need of various govt. as well as non govt. boards, institutes and universities make us develop strong and scalable digital solutions for our clients. Our web development experts create great custom website design templates.


The first part of our process is strategy & planning. This stage is arguably the most important since its sets the course for the entire project. In this phase we conduct the initial meeting with client where we identify & discuss key factors for the project.


This stage develops the graphic design of the known content and architecture, while applying the look-and-feel of your visual identity. These visual concepts take the form of digital graphics and are not yet actual web code. There are usually two designs to view — one for the home page, and one for the secondary (non-home) pages. These visual concepts will be modified with you until we reach an approved visual design. In fact we are unique in that we will design until you’re happy.


The development phase is where most of the programming takes place. This involves the building and development of functional elements. The process includes CMS setup, site production, database setup, user experience design, content mapping, testing and implementation. Special features are developed and tested rigorously to ensure durability, functionality and security of the web/mobile application. The content is filled in the application and links are tested and verified.

Why cloudlogiq for website development?

  • Flexibility

    Provides a platform that is structurally sound yet flexible. Easy-to-update design. Interactive, responsive and easy to manage.

  • Security

    Secured confidential data and information. Cloudlogiq brings unmatched security for safekeeping of the data.

  • Reliability

    Readily accessible to everyone. Gives desired level of accessibility to executives, to log in and and update the information online

  • Scalability

    Able to handle high online traffic. Scalable to the core and can overcome the issues related to traffic overload without crashing.

  • Integration

    Integration with third party applications including social media sites, forums and more where people raise their concerns and opinions online.

  • Responsiveness

    Responsive themes, making it capable of creating solutions that can run well on various kind of devices.